Keeping You Safe During COVID-19

You will find new safety measures in place when you schedule appointments and come to our facilities — all with the goal of keeping you safe as we care for you.

For information or to schedule a tour of Extended Care and Rehabilitative Services, please call:

Koester Pavilion


Troy, OH

Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation at Koester Pavilion

3232 N. County Road 25A, Troy, OH
(937) 440-7663 (937) 440-7663

Administrator: (937) 440-5101(937) 440-5101
Director of Admissions: (937) 440-5103(937) 440-5103
Director of Nursing: (937) 440-5112(937) 440-5112

SpringMeade Health Center

P-C-MKT93748- 4375 S. County Rd. 25A

Tipp City, OH

Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation at SpringMeade Health Center

4375 S. County Road 25A, Tipp City, OH
(937) 667-7500 (937) 667-7500

Administrator: (937) 506-2703(937) 506-2703
Director of Admissions: (937) 506-2707(937) 506-2707
Director of Nursing: (937) 506-2702(937) 506-2702

Find more contact numbers for the Koester Pavilion and SpringMeade Extended Care and Rehabilitation leadership team.