Intensive Outpatient Behavioral Health Program

When you come to us for intensive outpatient behavioral health treatment at Miami Valley Hospital, you’ll do in-depth work that may be crucial to helping you through a crisis and keeping you out of the hospital. Our outpatient programs also offer good follow up if you’re transitioning from inpatient behavioral health treatment.

Typically, you’ll start by coming three days a week. You’ll meet with a psychiatrist, who can help decide if medication may be useful in improving your mood, energy, or other symptoms.

You’ll work individually with a counselor, but you’ll also spend much of your time in group therapy. Sharing with others both positive and difficult experiences can offer you different perspectives and let you know that you’re not alone in your struggles.

You’ll learn skills to change your thinking patterns, build self-esteem, manage your stress and emotions better, and be more present in your relationships. Your family also will participate in sessions that support them and teach them to support you. As we come to know you better, we’ll refine your care plan to help you make progress.

This intensive program benefits people with:

Our program may also benefit you if you’re living with a medical condition such as diabetes, heart disease or cancer, and you are struggling with the lifestyle changes that come along with those conditions. We can help you work through grief and loss you may feel as your lifestyle changes and help you build self-confidence and re-establish a sense of purpose and control.

Transitioning Toward Greater Independence

As your mental outlook and coping skills improve, you’ll be able to reduce the number of days you come to therapy. Gradually, you may continue on your own with visits to a therapist in the community.

Our goal is to help you move toward greater independence and lead a productive, balanced, enjoyable life.

Contact Us

If you or someone close to you is experiencing a crisis, call 911. If the crisis is serious but not life-threatening, you can directly call our inpatient behavioral health unit that’s closest to you:

We also can help you with a range of outpatient programs for alcohol, drug, and mental health issues:

  • Call Miami Valley Hospital Outpatient Behavioral Health Services for adults: (937) 208-6719(937) 208-6719
  • Call Samaritan Behavioral Health for ages 5 through adult: (937) 734-8333(937) 734-8333