Outpatient Services

Think about where you’d like to be in your life and what’s holding you back. Behavioral health issues like depression,  anxiety, personality disorders, or substance use disorders can limit the life you want to live.

Samaritan Behavioral Healtha Premier Health partner, provides outpatient services for both children and adults.

You and your family will find comfort in the care you’ll receive from the support provided by our psychologistspsychiatrists, counselors, and therapists.

Miami Valley Hospital Outpatient Programs

Let us partner with you to find a program that’s best for you.

Are you struggling with mental health issues and substance use disorder?


Our dual-diagnosis program addresses both mental health and substance use disorders.


Do you want to learn skills to help you cope better with stress and intense emotions — and to get along better with other people?


Learn practical coping strategies with our dialectical behavioral therapy skills training group.


Have you had a traumatic experience — such as a car accident, death of a loved one, violent crime — that’s causing you lingering stress and fear?


Our eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) helps to reduce the symptoms of trauma for many people.


We respect the courage it takes to seek help. We’ve created a friendly, welcoming atmosphere to make you feel comfortable and help you succeed.

Once you meet with us for an initial assessment, we’ll help determine which program is best for you. It’s a fluid process. You can move easily from one program to another, depending on your situation and which type of care will help get you back to a satisfying life.

As you participate in one or more of our outpatient programs, you can continue to work, parent, and maintain other important activities and relationships.

We accept reimbursement from Medicare, Medicaid, and most major insurance companies.

Contact Us

If you or someone close to you is experiencing a crisis, call 911. If the crisis is serious but not life-threatening, you can directly call our inpatient behavioral health unit that’s closest to you:

We also can help you with a range of outpatient programs for alcohol, drug, and mental health issues:

(937) 208-6719

  • Call Samaritan Behavioral Health for ages 5 through adult: (937) 734-8333(937) 734-8333