Respiratory Therapy

If you have difficulty breathing, chronic lung disease or COPD, Fidelity Health Care’s in-home respiratory therapists can provide the care you need. In collaboration with your physician, we can:

  • Develop a treatment plan that best meets your needs
  • Teach you about your disease and how to manage it
  • Provide and instruct you on how to use equipment like oxygen concentrators and related equipment, CPAP/BiPAP machines, nebulizers, and other respiratory assist devices

Who Can Benefit From Respiratory Therapy?

You can benefit from respiratory therapy if you suffer from:

What Will Your In-Home Therapist Do?

Your therapist will come to your home at a time that is convenient for you. Over the course of your treatment, your therapist will:

  • Teach you about your disease and how to manage it
  • Show you how to use your medication properly
  • Review your respiratory equipment
  • Teach breathing techniques to help reduce shortness of breath.

What Services Are Available Outside the Home?

In collaboration with the pulmonary specialists at Premier Health, we can also assist you in getting any treatment you need outside the home. This may include:

  • Lung function tests (pulmonary function tests/PFTs)
  • Pulmonary rehabilitation, a comprehensive program that teaches you how to control the symptoms of chronic lung disease, including supervised exercises and psychosocial support
  • Sleep study testing for obstructive sleep apnea

How Can You Arrange For Respiratory Therapy?

Respiratory therapists need a doctor’s order in conjunction with Fidelity Health Care to come into the home. If you believe you would benefit from respiratory therapy, speak with your health care provider. 

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