Physical Therapy

When an ailment, injury, or movement disorder impacts your quality of life, physical therapy may provide the help you need. Our knowledgeable, caring physical therapists can teach you how to prevent or manage your condition to restore your mobility and independence as much as possible. If needed, we can help you rebuild such functions as walking, eating or dressing yourself or restore other movements that may be limiting you.

What You Can Expect

Following a thorough assessment of your condition, we’ll develop a treatment program aimed at reducing your pain and getting your body back to optimal performance. This may include:

  • Special exercises for stretching and/or strengthening
  • Massage
  • Application of heat or cold
  • Ultrasound or low-level laser to loosen tissue and speed healing
  • Electrical stimulation to restore movement
  • Splints to stabilize muscles

Physical therapy is available to you if you’re hospitalized,recovering at home, or at a care facility. It can be provided short-term or long-term.

Our Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Program (CORP) is available for individuals with neurological impairments such as brain injury, stroke, and spinal cord injury.

Keeping You Safe During COVID-19

You will find new safety measures in place when you schedule appointments and come to our facilities — all with the goal of keeping you safe as we care for you.

Contact Us

Our rehabilitation team is ready to help you get back to the things that matter most in your life. We offer locations close to you throughout Southwest Ohio, in our hospitals and in outpatient facilities. Check out our list of locations, or call the number of the hospital near you to learn more about rehabilitation services in your area.