Senior Services

Premier Health’s senior education and support services help older adults improve their quality of life.


As you or a loved one get older, we’re committed to helping you maintain your health, independence, and best quality of life.

To help meet the unique needs of seniors, our emergency centers have all achieved Geriatric Emergency Department Accreditation. This distinction means we provide the necessary expertise, equipment and personnel to ensure optimal care for older adults.

Miami Valley Hospital offers two programs specially dedicated to helping seniors who are inpatients receive the most appropriate care.

We also offer independent senior living, extended care facilities, and an array of additional programs and services that meet the unique needs of older adults.


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Our geriatric medicine specialists can help you live well into the future. Find a geriatric medicine provider near you.

Our geriatric medicine specialists are affiliated with:

Fidelity Health Care offers a wide range of home health services, including medical equipment.


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Our volunteers provide a personal touch that improves the quality of care our patients receive.

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After years of giving to others it’s time to focus on your needs with health information that can help you thrive.

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