Skin Care

Covering your entire body, your skin plays an important role in your health and well-being. It protects your body from germs, regulates your body temperature, and contributes to your sense of touch. Your skin cares for you, and Premier Health providers offer you advice on how to return the favor.

Don’t Get Burned: Follow These Tips

Taking a few safety precautions can save you pain and suffering.

That Summertime Itch: Poison Ivy And Its Relatives

To dodge the itch, learn how to recognize and avoid poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac.

Understanding Melanoma

Pay attention to early signs of this serious skin cancer.


Cellulitis: A More Than Skin-Deep Problem

This common skin infection can get serious if not treated right away.


What’s the Truth About Food And Acne?

Not everything you’ve heard may be true – but diet can have a role in outbreaks.


Here’s the Skinny On Skin Infections

Learn about common skin infections and how to avoid and treat them.

Psoriasis: Is This Chronic Skin Condition Curable or Controllable?

Seeing silver scales on your skin? You’re not alone.

Skin Tags: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

These benign skin markings can be annoying, but they’re harmless.

Harmless But Annoying: Sebhorrheic Keratosis

Typically not worrisome, this common skin condition is one sign of aging.

It’s Clear: Nutrition Plays a Role in Healthy Skin

You can slow the effects of aging skin and help lessen sun damage.

Banish Those Annoying Age Spots for Good

Are those annoying spots on your hands broadcasting your age to the world?

Keep Your Nails Looking Good – and Healthy

At home and at the salon, it pays to follow these tips.

Can Botox® Banish Your Wrinkles?

Laughing is good for the soul, but it could be adding years to your face!

Illuminating the Risk of Tanning Beds

The sun vs. tanning bed: Does one put you at less risk of skin cancer?

My Face is Red. Do I Have Rosacea?

This chronic skin condition isn’t curable, but you can manage the symptoms.

Thinking About Inking? Think Again

What do your tattoo and car paint have in common? The answer may scare you.

Tips to Keep Your Makeup Safe

How to know when it’s time to toss.

Acne: Beyond the Simple Pimple

Get the skin(ny) on this common condition.

When Should I Worry About Skin Moles?

What’s normal — and what’s not — about these skin spots.

Have Eczema? 6 Tips to Manage that Rough Patch

Help to calm the itching, redness and pain.

Keeping Your Spunk During Breast Cancer Treatment

Feel more like yourself during treatment with these hair, skin and nail tips.

5 Tactics to Talk Your Teen Out of Tanning

You know that tanning is harmful, but how can you prevent your teen from learning that lesson firsthand?

How to Spot Skin Cancer

Use your detective skills to track skin changes and recognize skin cancer.

Don’t Get Eaten Alive!

Bug bites can be dangerous. Learn how to prevent them and when to worry.

'I’ve Got You Under My Skin': Allergies Triggered by Touch

Find out why poison ivy — and perfume — can be equally irritating to your skin.