Bone and Joint Health

Join Premier Health physicians as they answer common questions about bone and joint pain. You'll also find videos and other resources with tips to help you and your family live well and be well.

Cartilage Transplants: Innovative Knee Treatment for Younger, Active Patients

Cartilage transplants are an effective way to treat damaged knee cartilage of younger, active patients. A Premier Health physician is the first doctor in Dayton performing the procedure. Learn more!

Fractures Are Common, Treatable Breaks in Your Bones 

When your bone is fractured, it's broken. The type of break will determine how it's treated and how long your recovery will be. Learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions about bone and joint health.

The Hazards of High Heels

You may love your fashionable high heels - but your feet don't. In fact, wearing those towering heels day after day can lead to sprains, falls, backaches and more. Learn how to stay in step with fashion and keep your feet comfortable by viewing our infographic.

Heat and Ice

Heat and ice are two of the most common forms of pain relief.  Learn when to use each one by viewing our infographic


As a disease, arthritis is complicated and varied, yet inflammation is a common thread that runs through most forms of arthritis. Learn more about inflammation by viewing our infographic.

Joint Pain

Good self-care can prove just as critical when it comes to successfully treating and managing joint pain. Learn more about join pain and how to cope with it by viewing our infographic.

Orthopedic Specialists For the Worst Injuries To Hands, Bones, Joints

Complex bone, muscle, and hand injuries are best treated by specialty-trained orthopedic and hand surgeons. Learn when these specialists may be best for you.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation: Restoring Functionality

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation helps restore the functional abilities and quality of life if you've had a physical impairment from an injury. Learn more.

Physical Therapy May Help You Avoid Joint Replacement

When painful joints have you considering joint replacement surgery, physical therapy may help you avoid it. Learn more.

Replacing Both Knees At Once. Is It For You?

Replacing both knees at once isn't for everyone. Orthopedic surgeons Richard Davis II, MD, and Matthew Lawless, MD, discuss the pros and cons. Read more

Spinal Stenosis Is a Pain In the Neck (And Back)

Spinal stenosis causes pain, numbness, and tingling in your neck or back. It can radiate to your arms and legs. Learn more about the causes of spinal stenosis and how it is treated.

Weather and Joint Pain

Many people say their pain worsens with damp and rainy weather. Is there any truth to that? Find out the relation of weather and joint pain by viewing our infographic.

Find answers to frequently asked questions about spine and joint surgery.