Feelings of sadness come and go. When they persist, as depression, they interfere with your life. Learn how to recognize it and seek treatment.

Does Winter Gloom Bring You Down?

We shine some light on the best ways to beat Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Sadness, Grief, Depression: What’s the Difference?

Although connected, each of these states has its own sources and solutions.

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How introverts can thrive in an extroverted world.


Why Antidepressants Stop Working – And What To Do

Smart lifestyle choices can help medications work better.

How to Cope with the Loss of Miscarriage

Openly communicate, accept your grief as normal and seek support when you need it.

Give Mild Depression a One-Two Punch: Eat Right and Get Going

Feeling blue? Curling up with a carton of ice cream is about the worst thing you can do.

Your Allies in Battling Depression

Know who to turn to when you need help with depression.

How to Find the Best Antidepressant for You

Ask questions and communicate openly with your doctor.

Family History and Depression: What’s the Link?

Your genetics increase risk but don’t cause depression.

How to Cope When Your Loved One’s Depressed

Tips for helping yourself, your loved one and your relationship

Know the Triggers and Signs of Teen Depression

Understand contributing factors, signs and what to do for a depressed teen.

You Could Save a Life from Suicide

Suspect suicidal thoughts? Don’t look away.

5 First Steps to Deal with Depression

Take heart! Small steps can lead to big improvements.

When Golden Years Feel Blue: Depression and Aging

Noticing mood changes in yourself or an older loved one? It may not be “just” aging.

Common-Sense Tips to Help Your Body Deal with Depression

Depression takes a toll on mind and body, so know how to ease the physical impact.

Severe Depression? Brain Stimulation May Help

Another option when medications and therapy aren’t working.

Postpartum Depression: Temporary And Treatable

Find out if what you’re experiencing is more than just “baby blues.”

11 Tips to Beat the Holiday Blues

When the world is red and green but you’re feeling blue, try these tips to get you through.

African-American? Your Mental Health Matters

Overcome the barriers to getting care when you need it.

Coping with Depression and Chronic Illness

Break free from depression, even if you’re dealing with chronic illness.

Bipolar vs. Major Depression: How Do They Differ?

The type of depression can matter for effective treatment.

Yes, There’s Help for Depression

You don’t need to feel alone. Many people want to help.