Health Care 101

You can get more out of the health care system by understanding how it works. Health Care 101 gives you valuable information about how to use health care resources effectively. For example, you can learn when to use the emergency room and how to talk with your doctor. Taking a few minutes to read and digest the information in Health Care 101. It can make a big difference for you and your family.

Which Doctors Do What?

There are so many medical specialties that it can be difficult to choose which specialist you should see. But going to the right kind of doctor can ensure you get the right treatment for your condition. Learn which medical specialty treats what kind of problem.

How to Talk with Your Doctor. Get the Most From Your Appointments!

Doctor visits can seem rushed. It’s possible to feel you didn’t get the result you wanted from your appointment. It helps to know what kind of information your doctor needs, and what kinds of questions you should ask. Learn about ways to make your visit to the doctor more effective.

Finding Online Resources You Can Trust

The Internet makes it easy to answer many of your health care questions without a trip to the doctor. But it’s important that you get your information from a source you can trust to be accurate and up to date. Learn how to find the best sources for online health information.

Content Updated: April 29, 2016

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