Supportive Services

Premier Health provides care that goes beyond medical treatment. This is accomplished by providing patients and their families with services to aid emotional, physical, and spiritual healing. These additional resources aim to make the patient’s cancer journey more comfortable and manageable, throughout diagnosis, treatment, and beyond.

Integrated Therapies

There are many therapy programs offered by Premier Health that are specifically designed for people living with cancer. Programs include therapeutic art, hand and neck massages, warm water exercise, strength and conditioning classes, Tai Chi, yoga, and a movement program set to music for people with cancer or lymphedema. Many of these activities can help improve sleep, reduce stress, and improve a patient’s overall quality of life.

Cancer Rehabilitation and Therapies

Premier Health offers oncology rehabilitation which helps patients regain strength, endurance, and mobility. Specialists support patients in maintaining their physical well-being and functional independence, overcoming fatigue, and reducing pain and discomfort by managing chemotherapy-related side effects. After a patient’s cancer treatment is completed, physical and occupational therapy will focus on regaining function, improving strength and mobility, and ultimately returning to pre-diagnosis activity levels.

Financial Counselors

Patients are provided with customer service representatives and financial counselors who offer financial direction, especially if a patient is uninsured, underinsured, or had a recent financial hardship. Premier Health provides services that include helping patients create a payment plan and explore options for financial assistance.

Oncology Social Workers

Oncology social workers can connect you with counselors, financial counseling and support, legal assistance, and other resources.

In-Home Cancer Care

Premier Health’s home health services can provide additional help and resources for cancer patients. Experienced nurses will focus on managing a patient’s medical needs in the comforts and privacy of their own home. Nurses work closely with a patient’s physician to ensure the best individualized treatment plan. In-home care also provides medications needed to reduce the impact of any cancer symptom, and social workers are available to advise patients on managing cancer-related issues.

Genetic Counseling

A cancer diagnosis often raises questions about cancer types that can be inherited. Genetic testing and counseling by genetic counselors can help determine if a patient’s cancer is hereditary and if other family members are at risk of being diagnosed. The Premier Health Cancer Institute’s team offers patients with knowledge, technology, and personal support through the genetic counseling process. The results from genetic testing can help physicians in developing an ongoing care plan for all involved.

Nutrition Counseling

Healthy eating is vital to a patient’s recovery from cancer. Premier Health licensed clinical dietitians are specialists who help develop meal plans that fit a cancer patient’s lifestyle. They also help find the best solutions to common side effects of treatment like loss of appetite, taste differences, and nausea.

Spiritual Care Services

A cancer diagnosis can test spiritual beliefs and cause stress. Pastoral care chaplains are members of the cancer health care team. Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, they are specially trained to support cancer patients regardless of their faith. Chaplains routinely visit infusion rooms to provide spiritual care to patients and their families during treatment.

Survivorship Support

Cancer survivorship includes the physical, emotional, and day-to-day issues of the cancer journey. A Survivorship Care Plan helps to ensure the best possible follow-up care and quality of life. This includes collaborating with a physician to plan and get recommendations for future cancer screenings, prevention, and healthy living choices.

Supportive Products and Services

Cancer treatment can impact a patient’s physical appearance including the body changes that come with mastectomy or lumpectomy or loss of their hair from chemotherapy. Premier Health’s Expressions of Hope fitting events offer a full range of quality merchandise for women undergoing cancer treatment, including breast forms, shapers, bras, camisoles, compression garments, and other post-surgery products.

Support Groups

Being with others who share a similar illness may provide patients with comfort and encouragement. Support groups are offered including a general Cancer Care Support Group, Sharing Our Strength breast cancer support group, Ostomy Support Group, Look Good, Feel Better…For Women, and Healthy Steps movement class for people dealing with cancer or lymphedema.