Pam’s Story

Pam Olwine was exercising and felt some pain and pulling in her chest that just didn’t seem right. After visiting her physician, Pam got a mammogram. Then, she received the call that rocked her world—something “doesn’t look quite right.” She was immediately scheduled for an ultrasound that determined she needed to see a surgeon.  

Pam had her surgery at Upper Valley Medical Center (UVMC), and it went well. “Dr. Lowry came out and gave my husband and son the thumbs-up.” Following surgery, Pam was told she would need either chemotherapy or radiation follow-up. She visited Dr. Setzkorn and Sarah Jones, who explained to her the MammoSite procedure. MammoSite enables a woman to have radiation for a very limited time and in a very specific area. It is minimally invasive and, rather than many weeks of radiation, it is completed in one week. Pam came to the Cancer Care Center, where she had radiation twice a day for five consecutive days.

After the MammoSite catheter was removed, Pam prepared for chemotherapy at the Cancer Care Center. Even while receiving chemotherapy, Pam was relaxed because of the ‘family-like’ atmosphere at UVMC. “I’d be sitting there with maybe five or six other people. We’d chat about our family or how we were feeling.”

Cancer Care Close to Home

When it comes to cancer, Pam is happy she chose her local medical center. “Everybody was so supportive. If I needed a hug, I got a hug. The teamwork is wonderful. They kept my doctor in the loop. It was absolutely wonderful, and I mean the nurses and the doctors.” Pam felt that, at the Cancer Care Center at UVMC, she was cared for as a person, not a name on a piece of paper.

“There’s absolutely no need to go anywhere else.” Pam has told her friends who are facing cancer to go to UVMC for comparable, if not better care, to the larger, better-known institutions.

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