Medical Cancer Treatments

Premier Health is armed with a multi-disciplinary team of physicians and advanced technology to help you and your loved ones fight cancer. Our physicians and technology give us the ability to care for various cancer types with a variety of medical treatment options.


Chemotherapy is the use of drugs that kill cancer cells all over the body by entering the bloodstream. Chemotherapy is usually given in cycles, either by mouth or through a vein. People receive treatment for one or more days. There is a recovery period of several days or weeks before the next treatment session.

 Offered through:  Miami Valley Hospital, Atrium Medical Center, Upper Valley Medical Center

Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy is the use of high-energy radiation to shrink tumors and kill cancer cells. The radiation can be given by a machine outside the body or from radioactive material put near cancer cells inside the body. One type of radiation therapy – systemic radiation therapy – uses substances such as radioactive iodine in the blood to kill cancer cells.

 Offered through:  Miami Valley Hospital, Atrium Medical Center, Upper Valley Medical Center

Interventional Therapy

Interventional therapy for cancer is a minimally invasive treatment. It targets tumors directly using advanced image-guided technology, which is one of the newest options for cancer treatment.

 Offered through:  Miami Valley Hospital, Atrium Medical Center

Hormonal and Targeted Therapies

Hormone therapy – also known as endocrine-based therapy – is designed to interfere with the body’s natural hormones that can stimulate cancer growth. Breast, endometrial, ovarian and prostate cancers are typically found to be most sensitive to hormones. By decreasing the amount of hormones in the body, the therapy slows or prevents the growth of cancer cells.

Targeted therapies use medications to interfere with and block the growth and spread of cancer. Targeted therapies are able to spare healthy tissue in the body.

Offered through:  Miami Valley Hospital, Atrium Medical Center, Upper Valley Medical Center

Fidelity Health Care

Fidelity Health Care can provide nursing, therapy and pharmacy support to cancer patients.

Nursing support includes education, assessment and IV infusion medications including chemotherapy

Our extensive social services department can assist with community resources, advanced directives, counseling, and palliative care services.

Pharmacy services include education, preparation and administration of medications.

Physician Expertise

Premier Health is proud to have over 2,300 physicians credentialed at our facilities.  Search Find a Doctor to find a physician credentialed in Cancer Care.

Content Updated: August 16, 2018

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