Trauma Video Stories

2023 Stories

Rob’s Story: Grateful for Coordinated Care 
Firefighter Rob Baise fell face first down a flight of stairs while evacuating a structure fire. Read or watch Rob’s story

Ashley’s Story: Family is Everything
A routine morning quickly changed when a car ran through a red light and hit Ashley Brown’s car, injuring Ashley and her two sons. Read or watch Ashley’s story

Marshell’s Story: Persevering Through Recovery
A normal night out with friends quickly changed Marshell’s life when someone she just met shot her multiple times. Read or watch Marshell’s story

Eric’s Story: Gunshot Victim Defeats the Odds
A routine domestic violence call quickly changed Clearcreek Township Police Officer Eric Ney and his family’s life when he was shot while on duty. Read or watch Eric’s story

Judy’s Story: Back to an Active Lifestyle
Judy was driving to work when she suffered a stroke resulting in a severe motor vehicle collision. Read or watch Judy’s story

2022 Stories

Cathy's Story: Saved By A Miracle
Cathy Peters lives on a farm in Versailles with her husband and three children. While her husband was in Nashville for work, the unthinkable happened. Read or watch Cathy's story

Chastity's Story: Never Giving Up
Chastity Rettig had a gunshot accident. The bullet was lodged in her spinal cord, and she was paralyzed. Read or watch Chastity's Story

Neesha's Story: A Devoted Mother
Geeorneesha (Neesha) Allen was driving home on September 12, 2020, when she was hit by another vehicle. Read or watch Neesha's story

Renae's Story: 20 Years Later
Renae Eshleman, M.S.Ed, LPCC, recently wrote a heartfelt letter to the Miami Valley Hospital trauma team thanking them for the life-changing care they provided her 20 years earlier. Read or watch Renae's story

Travis's Story: Life After Loss
Travis Osborne’s night out celebrating with friends in Dayton’s Oregon District ended with a mass shooting that would forever change his life. Read or watch Travis's story

2019 Stories

Austin’s Story: Critical Care Close By
Austin McKee receives fast trauma care after a car accident thanks to the newly opened Austin Boulevard Emergency Center. Read Austin’s story

Jessica's Story: Getting Her Life Back
Jessica is a symbol of strength and perseverance after being attacked by someone she thought she could trust. Read or watch Jessica's story

Shane's Story: Determined to Walk Again
Shane Homan was unable to get up after being tackled during a JV football game. Read or watch Shane's story

Chris' Story: Family is Everything
Following a serious car accident, Chris Boykin suffered a traumatic brain injury, as well as fractures in his spine, back and pelvis. Read or watch Chris' story

Mike's Story: Back in Rare Form
As an avid dirt bike racer, Mike Ashton was involved in a solo crash during a race in Lebanon. Read or watch Mike's story

Angela's Story: Woman with Serious Burns Beats the Odds
Angela McCane and her three co-workers were driving home from work when the driver lost control and crashed the car, which burst into flames. Read or watch Angela's story

Multiple Traumas: Accident Forms Special Bond
Lebanon Firefighters and patient experiencing stroke survive ambulance crash. Read or watch this story

Troy's Story: Seconds Matter Following Bike Accident
Fast-thinking response from mom helps save her son. Read Troy's story

2018 Stories

Eric’s Story: Celebrating Life
After recovering from open-heart surgery, Eric Haas reunites with CareFlight, EMS and caregivers from Jamestown Emergency Center and Miami Valley Hospital to celebrate life. Read Eric’s story

Megan’s Story: ‘Truly a Miracle’
Rapid trauma care from Careflight Air and Mobile and Miami Valley Hospital’s Level I Trauma Center saves Megan Redmond’s life after a car accident. Read Megan’s story

Kelly’s Story: Young Mother Survives Rare Crossbow Injury
Advanced care after a chest wound helps Kelly Boucher recover from a complex injury. Read or watch Kelly’s story

Kenneth’s Story: A Chance to Start Over
A serious car accident left Kenneth Coleman in a coma. Expert trauma care and rehabilitation helped him recover and now he’s thankful for a second chance to reconnect with his wife and family. Read or watch Kenneth’s story

Paul’s Story: Experienced Skydiver Survives Multiple Injuries
When a skydiving maneuver goes wrong, Careflight Air and Mobile whisks Paul Rizzo straight to Miami Valley Hospital’s trauma unit to repair a rupture in his heart and reset multiple breaks in his legs. Read or watch Paul’s story

Jonathan’s Story: Beating the Odds of a Traumatic Brain Injury
A motorcycle crash left Jonathan nearly unresponsive with a traumatic brain injury — until his neuroscience care team found a way to help him make an amazing recovery. Read or watch Jonathan’s story

2017 Stories

Ashley’s Story: Car Accident Victim Gets Second Chance at Life
Quick heart surgery after a severe trauma gives Ashley Victoria a fuller appreciation for life and family. Read or watch Ashley’s story

Byron’s Story: Police Officer Survives Highway Crash
While helping people after a car crash, Police Officer Byron Branch is struck buy another vehicle. Read or watch Byron’s story

Elliot’s Story: Living Well After a Traumatic Brain Injury
After a terrible car accident, Elliot Feltner pushes through his injuries and rehabilitation to live the fullest life he can. Read or watch Elliot’s story

Rachelle’s Story: Young Woman Loses Legs, Never Her Spirit
Rachelle Cooper’s positive attitude and determination speeds her recovery after a double leg amputation caused by a car accident. Read or watch Rachelle’s story

Scott’s Story: Man Survives Farm Trauma Accident
A bush hog accident left Scott Boyd with  deep lacerations and heart that kept stopping. SME and CareFlight teams restarted his heart multiple times and trauma teams took him directly to the operating room. Read or watch Scott’s story

2016 Stories 

John’s Story: Trauma Care Puts Injured Motorist on Road to Recovery
John Samples went from the most severe trauma injuries to starting his junior year of high school on time. Read or watch John’s story

Devin’s Story: Multidisciplinary Care Helps Car Accident Victim Recover
Serious abdominal injuries don’t stop Devin Moore from pushing thorugh recovery to spend  time with his son. Read or watch Devin’s story

Nathan’s Story: Surviving What Others May Not
Nathan Mowen survives multiple fractures and a fiery crash after his car hit a wall at a high speed. Read more. Read or watch Nathan’s story

Preston’s Story: Life-Saving Care After a Gunshot Wound
Gun shots left Preston Alexander with multiple abdominal and heart wounds that trauma surgeons quickly repaired. Read or watch Preston’s story

Ron’s Story: Trauma, Stroke Patient Recovers from Mortocycle Injuries
Struck by a car while riding his motorcycle, Ron Wynne was seriously injured. Trauma and rehab car allowed him to return to work. Read or watch Ron’s story

2015 Stories

Ashley’s Story: Leg Amputation Doesn’t Dampen Survivor’s Spirit
Ashley Brady lost a leg after being pinned between two cars, but that didn’t stop her from living life. Read or watch Ashley’s story

Mike’s Story: Coordinated Care Saves a Life
An arm amputation gives Mike Diehl the best shot at getting back to the active lifestyle he’s used to. Read or watch Mike’s story 

Bobby’s Story: Not Deterred by Brain, Other Injuries
Bobby Birdsong doesn’t let brain and other injures from a car accident keep him down. Read or watch Bobby’s story

Sean’s Story: Student Survives Lightning Strike
Lightning struck Sean Ferguson as he crossed a parking lot at the University of Dayton. Thanks to expert emergency care, he’s thriving today. Read or watch Sean’s story

Joe’s Story: Teenager Survives Gunshot Wound
Everyone on the trauma care team played their part and Joe Pinell survived an accidental gun shot wound to his abdomen. Read or watch Joe’s story

Mike’s Story: Taking it One Day at a Time After Accident
A semi truck struck Mike Cornwell as he walked in a crosswalk. He survived and went home with a will to get better. Read or watch Mike’s story


2014 Stories

Jared’s Story: "He came back to us in a miraculous type of way”
Jared Jennings endured a serious brain injury after a car accident and quickly wanted to get back to driving again. Read or watch Jared’s story

Angie’s Story: Gunshot Victim Defeats the Odds
A gun shot wound sidelined Angie Boren for awhile, but she worked hard at every step along the way to recovery. Read or watch Angie’s story

Barry’s Story: After Car Accident A Second Chance at Life
A broken leg and internal injuries from a car accident left Barry Ishman recovering in a nursing home but getting back to his family was a big motivator. Read or watch Barry’s story

Payne’s Story: Teenager Survives Traumatic Brain Injury
While driving to church, Payne Sigman hit an icy patch. The resulting car accident caused a brain injury, but Payne was driven to survive. Read or watch Payne’s story

Josh’s Story: Recovering Quickly to See Birth of Son
Josh Anguiano sustained combat-like injuries in a truck crash but recovered quickly enough to witness the birth of his son. Read or watch Josh’s story

Rob’s Story: Slowing Down and Enjoying Life After Farm Accident
When Rob Quniter’s leg got caught in a farm tractor, he and his son called for help. EMS and CareFlight rushed him to care and he’s working on a full recovery after partial amputation. Read or watch Rob’s story

John’s Story: Firefighter Recognizes the Signs
Firefighter John Centers recognized the signs of a heart attack while working an accident scene. He truly appreciates the care he received from his colleagues. Read or watch John’s story

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