CareFlight Air Transportation 

CareFlight helicopters are available 24 hours a day. Within minutes of a call coming in to CareFlight, a helicopter is airborne to transport patients to the emergency room. Our four helicopters:

  • Carry the pilot and two certified flight nurses
  • Have the capability to transport two patients 
    • Are equipped with sophisticated medical technology and advanced communication equipment
  • Travel at 180 mph, making them the fastest helicopters in the region

We serve a 150-mile radius from Miami Valley Hospital, which includes most of Ohio and parts of West Virginia, Michigan, Kentucky, and Indiana. CareFlight helicopters are based at four locations:

  • Miami Valley Hospital
  • Lebanon-Warren County Airport
  • Urbana-Grimes Airport
  • Darke County Airport

We use IFR (instrument flight rules) technology in partnership with the Federal Aviation Administration to ensure safe flight patterns. This means we’ve built our own highways in the sky for the safest and fastest flights into Miami Valley Hospital’s Level I trauma center.

CareFlight helicopters are maintained and operated by Air Methods Corporation, and our program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems.

About Our Aircraft

Safety is the foundation of our program. Our Dauphin helicopters are equipped with multiple safety features.

The newest CareFlight helicopter is the first operational AS365N3+ in the United States. The technological advances in this aircraft include:

  • Twin turbines
  • 180 mph maximum flight speed (approximately three miles per minute)
  • Four-axis autopilot capability providing a reliable, stable aircraft
  • 9,480-pound maximum gross-weight capacity
  • 10,000 ft. altitude capability 
  • Fully integrated digital cockpit
  • Airborne collision and avoidance system (ACAS)
  • Dual Garmin 430W GPS
  • Cockpit voice recorder
  • Helicopter terrain awareness warning system (HTAWS)
  • Night vision goggle compatible lighting
  • Weather radar
  • Crash resistant fuel tanks
  • Dual patient litters

Contact Us

If you or a loved one needs emergency or trauma care, our teams of specially trained doctors and nurses are here to help. At Premier Heath, we quickly assess your condition and provide the care and treatment you need.

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