Community Outreach

At Premier Health, we provide ongoing programs to deliver emergency care at community events and to educate the public about what to do if they are the first people on the scene of an accident.

Family And Friends Blood Replacement Program

When a trauma patient requires blood, family and friends are asked to donate blood to help replenish the supply. Mary McCarthy, MD, initiated this blood program with the Community Blood Center of Dayton.

Fresh blood’s short shelf life means Premier Health hospitals always need to renew their blood supply. The friends and family program brings in more than 600 pints of blood a year.

Event Medicine

Premier Health’s emergency and trauma care teams deliver care and support at multiple community events throughout the year, including:

  • Dayton Air Show support. Our EMS teams are onsite at the Air Show to provide emergency care to the public and to pilots and crew as needed.
  • Eldora Speedway Infield Care Center Support. The Infield Care Center at Eldora Speedway is a medical facility at the race track that is available to provide medical services to drivers and pit crews.

Contact Us

If you or a loved one needs emergency or trauma care, our teams of specially trained doctors and nurses are here to help. At Premier Heath, we quickly assess your condition and provide the care and treatment you need.

You can access emergency services at the following locations: