Children's Health

Join Premier Health providers as they answer common questions about pediatric health. You'll also find videos and other resources with tips to help you and your family live well and be well.

Four Ways To Conquer Childhood Obesity

A lifetime of health problems can result from childhood obesity. Find out how you can avoid it in your family. Dr. Melinda Ruff shares ideas. Learn more.

Have a Smooth Start Back to School by Planning Ahead

Heading back to school means changing from summertime relax mode back into a daily routine. There are steps you can take to ease the transition. Learn more

Pediatric Health

We know that as a parent, your child's well-being is your top priority. Get answers to common questions about children's health from Premier Health providers.

Screen Addiction Affects Physical, Mental Health

Spending too much time staring at screens can have negative effects on your physical and mental health, a Premier Health physician advises. Learn more!

Screen Time

Increased use of smart phones, personal tablets and gaming systems has redefined the age-old battle that parents face over how much screen time their children consume each day. Learn more about screen time and ways that you can adjust your child's use of screens by viewing our infographic.