Safety Steps for Easy Home Childproofing

Health Minute

As a parent, it is always among your top priorities to make sure your children are safe and well taken care of. An important part of keeping them safe is ensuring that the things in and around your home that can harm them are secured.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CSPC) suggests a variety of childproofing ideas to keep your house safe, including:

  • Safety latches and locks – Put these on cabinets and drawers in the kitchen, bathroom and anywhere else you keep items like household cleaners, matches, knives or lighters.
  • Safety gates – Help keep your fearless little ones from taking a tumble down the stairs or going in rooms you’d rather they wouldn’t by installing a gate to block off certain areas of your home.
  • Door knob covers and door locks – While these can be opened quickly by adults in case of an emergency, door knob covers can keep kids out of places that can be dangerous for them as well as keeping kids from going outside without supervision.
  • Anti-scald devices – These can be installed in shower heads and faucets so that your water doesn’t get hot enough to burn your child. Set your water heater temperature to 120 degrees Fahrenheit or lower to help prevent burns.
  • Corner and edge bumpers – These soft foam devices attach directly to items such as end tables and fire place ledges to prevent children from being injured if they bump into the object.
  • Outlet covers – Help prevent electrocution by placing a cover in every open outlet throughout your house.
  • Furniture and large appliance anchors – Large televisions, bookshelves and other household items can tip over on your infant. A solution is to install an anchor that secures the item to the wall.
  • Double up on protection measures for pools – Make sure your pool is double and triple safe. Just closing the house door out to the pool isn’t enough. Build a barrier completely around the pool, including an at least four-foot-tall fence with a self-latching gate. If one of the sides of your barrier is your house, installing an alarm on the door that leads directly to the pool could literally be a lifesaver.

Aside from installing those safeguards, install both smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. Having both of these and making sure their batteries work is a crucial in-home safety element.

Find more information about childproofing your home, talk with your physician or find a physician.