Upper Valley Medical Center’s Emergency Department

Upper Valley Medical Center’s 38-bed emergency room serves more than 48,000 patients a year. Our emergency medicine doctors and nurses provide safe, effective treatment with advanced technology.

Upper Valley Medical Center is Miami County’s only Level III Trauma Center.

To help meet the unique needs of seniors, our emergency centers have all achieved Geriatric Emergency Department Accreditation. This distinction means we provide the necessary expertise, equipment and personnel to ensure optimal care for older adults.

Fast Access To Sophisticated Care

If you need specialty trauma care or a higher level of treatment, our emergency team will arrange for your quick transport by CareFlight Air and Mobile Servicesto Miami Valley Hospital and its Level I Trauma Center or to another suitable facility.

If you arrive at Upper Valley Medical Center with signs of a stroke, you get access to Premier Health’s TeleStroke Network, which allows a neurologist to talk with you and make an assessment in real time using a computer with a monitor and video camera.

Specialty Care Centers

Our specialty centers include:

Behavioral health. If you or a loved one experiences a behavioral health emergency, our emergency department includes designated rooms and available behavioral health staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Disaster preparedness. If an external incident occurs, all Upper Valley Medical Center emergency department staff are prepared to respond to hazardous materials situations and protect the community. We use the comprehensive START process (Simple Triage and Rapid Treatment) to address these situations. Our hazmat emergency resources include:

  • A dedicated decontamination room
  • Chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear protective suits
  • Powered air-purifying respirators
  • N95 masks
  • Mobile decontamination unit
  • Local resources readily available include the Miami County Mobile Haz Mat unit and the Greater Dayton Area Hospital Association Mobile Decontamination trailer

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If you or a loved one needs emergency or trauma care, our teams of specially trained doctors and nurses are here to help. At Premier Heath, we quickly assess your condition and provide the care and treatment you need.

You can access emergency services at the following locations: