Provider Praise: April 2019

Premier Pulse     April 2019

Last month, Premier Health launched a webpage to publish “Thank You” messages in recognition of National Doctors’ Day on March 30. About 750 messages have been submitted by Premier Health employees, as well as many grateful patients, and can be viewed online. 

Here is a random sampling of appreciation received: 

Dr. Stewart Adam III, thank you for making our days worth coming in. I have learned so much since joining your team! You always make us laugh, and it makes the days better.

Dr. Afful does a great job identifying patient needs. She recognized a patient’s concern with finances and called After Hours Social Work for assistance. Thank you for being a collaborative team player!

Dr. Akbar is an amazing asset to our organization. He is helpful, thoughtful, great with patients, great with staff, gentle, and not to mention incredibly intelligent. Dr. Akbar is always quick to make a call and let the medical imaging staff know when they have done a good job. He is also great about teaching us and helping us learn so that we can grow as technologists. We count Dr. Akbar as a blessing and hope he knows how much we appreciate him as part of our team.

Dr. Barre is absolutely wonderful! He is always very approachable with any question that you have and is always kind. His knowledge and skill set are just absolutely amazing.

Dr. Bethel is truly a great, amazing doctor. Thank you for all you do!

Dr. Conn, you are a proud example of a physician who makes a difference in the lives of your patients! Your kindness, sincere caring and compassion is demonstrated in the care you provide. Thank you for your dedication.

Dr. Crouch, YOU ARE AMAZING! You had the unfortunate task of telling me that I had ovarian cancer, and you did it with such compassion and dignity and impeccable bedside manner. So many people that I know go to you and agree that you are the best. I can tell that you love your job! I even referred my sister-in-law to you! THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO!!!

Dr. Diller, you are the best PCP that I have ever had! You never rush and you make me feel like I am the only patient you have! If anyone ever needs a doc, I refer them to you! There are so many people I know that go to you and we all agree, YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

Dr. Dunn, Thank you very much for your competent and compassionate care during my breast cancer surgery in June 2017. I really appreciate the personal attention you gave me, especially your phone calls on two separate evenings. You are definitely a doctor who goes above and beyond!

Dr. Elshoff, I appreciate the compassionate care you provide to me and my family members. From the moment you walk into the door of the exam room, it is obvious you are truly invested in the “whole” me. I feel like I am respected as a person - not a diagnosis or disease. You sit down and maintain eye contact with me throughout my appointment and exam, which reduces my stress and anxiety. You walk me through my results and treatment plan, and invite and encourage questions. You promote safety, trust, and encourage a healthy lifestyle. THANK YOU!!

Dr. Glover has been instrumental in working with the community in response to the opioid crisis and establishing protocols for opiate use disorder in the pregnant patient. She is an excellent mentor and attending physician to the OB residents. She has the ability to think fast on her feet when needed, yet a calm demeanor to lead in an emergency. She has a natural manner to put patients at ease and to explain diagnoses and treatment plans in terms they can understand. She is a wonderful physician.

Dr. Harrington, Thank you for all you do to make sure I stay healthy and keep on going with my life, so I can enjoy life, my grandchildren and my children.

Dr. Hicks performed my reconstructive surgery after my double bilateral mastectomy. He not only completed a marvelous reconstruction for a young, single woman, but he and his staff were always so informative, friendly, accommodating, and encouraging during such a sensitive process. I can't thank him enough for helping bring some “normalcy,” positivity, and a brighter outlook after such a traumatic time. Thank you for your expertise, Dr. Hicks!

Dr. James, thank you so much for everything you have done not only for us here at Centerville High School, but also for our student athletes. We cannot thank you enough for your support and help along the way.

Dr. Ljungren is a great family practice physician. Thank you to Dr. Ljungren for your skill and caring nature. From residency on over the years, you have been an outstanding doctor! I have been very lucky to have his care and guidance over the many years I have been with his practice.

Dr. Mikhaylov, thank you for your leadership and clinical support in developing a one-of-a-kind NEUROne teleneurology program for patients within the communities we serve. Your compassionate demeanor toward patients and families, and unwavering commitment and dedication, has led to improved access to care that most people thought would not be possible. We are truly grateful to have you as part of our team and can't wait to see what the next year has in store for us.

Dr. Myers, you are more than a good doctor. I value the fact that you were a good listener. More than being just professionals, I value the fact that your staff’s attitude was exceptional. Thank you.

Dr. Northup has been so helpful on my weight loss journey. He is empathetic, kind, and caring. I can’t thank him enough.

Dr. Ruff and her staff are top notch! I truly appreciate her sense of humor, expertise and prompt response when I send her a MyChart message. Her staff is always courteous, professional and go above and beyond when scheduling or dealing with any issue.

Dr. Simmons goes above and beyond for his patients AND nurses. He answers all the patients’ questions, then asks if we need anything as staff. He has gone out of his way to answer phone calls and give patients warm blankets when we are busy! You give amazing care, Dr. Simmons. Thank you for all you do for our community!!

Dr. Swabb, thank you so much for being such a great physician. Our patients on rehab are always complimentary of your care. You are approachable and always have the patients’ best interest as top priority. It is a pleasure to work with you and we are so fortunate to have you.

Dr. Thota is consistently a positive spirit to work around. I appreciate being able to approach him with questions or concerns, knowing he will provide me with a rational response to support learning and teamwork! He is attentive and respectful to his patients and families, which improves their stay and attitude during whatever difficult moments they are going through while sick or with a sick loved one. He exudes compassion and empathy towards his patients and peers, cultivating a culture of support, equality, and kindness.

Dr. Tully, thank you for always keeping me on my toes and always putting a smile on my face! I am lucky to work for a doctor that is so personable and grateful for all the help that’s provided. Your patients love you, and your compassion for each of them is truly unlike anything else I have ever seen! You’re amazing!

Dr. Venanzi is a very kind, caring and compassionate provider who I have the privilege of working with daily. Dr. Venanzi has 25 years of experience in the U.S. Air Force and has brought many of those talents with him to Premier Health. He is a very reliable provider who has a positive attitude and is an asset to Premier Health. It is a privilege to work with Dr. Venanzi. Thank you for your extraordinary service and dedication to your country, patients, staff, colleagues and profession.

Dr. Wiegand is a wonderful physician, who spends much time talking with patients, as well as listening to their concerns. She has excellent clinical skills and is a role model for the residents. She is truly inspiring to those who work with her and the patients appreciate her bedside manner and explanations (diagnoses, treatment options).

Dr. Wolf is just wonderful! He always takes the time to answer all of your questions fully and ensures that you understand what is being said. He is detail-oriented to ensure that you get the best care. Thank you for everything, Dr. Wolf! 

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