Patient Education

Educating your patients about their health condition and medications is vital to their satisfaction and recovery. Here are three ways Premier Health helps you do so.

Patient Education on Inside Premier 

The Patient Education site on the Premier Health intranet gives you access to either download or order any piece from the Premier Health Patient Education catalog.

Krames Encyclopedia

Direct your patients to this robust online library of easy-to-read details about hundreds of health conditions. This comprehensive resource enables patients and their caregivers to learn the facts about their condition and the steps to take for a safe recovery.

Krames On Demand

Educate your patients about their health condition and medications with Krames On Demand. This resource includes:


A robust patient education library with hundreds of easy-to-read handouts, including:

  • Comprehensive subject categories that include dozens of specific topics, providing your patient the details they need about their specific condition. For example, within the OB/Gyn category you’ll find hysterectomy; within hysterectomy you’ll find 12 topics including Types of laparoscopic hysterectomy and Caring for yourself after hysterectomy.
  • Personalize HealthSheets with patient name and special instructions from you.
  • English and Spanish versions available for all HealthSheets; many also available in Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Portuguese and Vietnamese.

Image-Only HealthSheets

Use step-by-step illustrations to educate your patients on the steps to important self-care. Topics include how to:

  • Use a Peak Flow Meter
  • Change a Wound Dressing
  • Insert a Disposable Catheter
  • Treat Low Blood Sugar
  • Get into a Car with Crutches

Medication Handouts

Nearly 3,000 take-home sheets, in English and Spanish, to educate your patients about the medications you’ve prescribed. Customize them by adding your patient’s name and special instructions.