Digital Campus Maps Provide Interactive Wayfinding

Premier Pulse     October 2019

Digital campus maps are now available to help patients, visitors and employees navigate their way to any location within Premier Health hospitals and System Support. Campus maps provide interactive wayfinding that is searchable, linkable and user-friendly on any smartphone, tablet or computer. The maps are web-based, so all you need is an internet connection to access them – there is nothing to download or purchase.


  • Easier to navigate the hospital and locate a destination
  • Prior to a hospital visit, find the best place to park and the best route to take
  • Find cafeterias, coffee, gift shops and other amenities, such as ATMs and vending machines, while at the hospital
  • Search by room number or unit name
  • Wheelchair accessible routes are available
  • Share directions with family and friends

Visit and see for yourself how easy it is. Under locations, select “Premier Health” and then select a facility. Zoom, search, scale the floors.

Digital campus maps can also be accessed from under Location Information on each hospital’s landing page.

A kiosk featuring digital campus maps is being tested in the lobby of Miami Valley Hospital North. Kiosks may be installed at other Premier Health locations based on the success of this trial.

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