About Your Records

Premier Health hospitals keep your medical record for 10 years after your visit. Maternity, newborn, minors, and inpatient psychiatric records will be retained for 22 years. Records contain complete information about your care and are kept confidential.

What Your Medical Record Contains

Your medical record contains the following information:

  • Your health history (what you tell the health care providers about your past and present health status)
  • Your medical examination findings (what the health care providers observe when you are examined)

Other information in your medical record may include:

  • Lab test results
  • Medications prescribed
  • Plans for further care, including instruction for self-care and return visits
  • Communication between your health care provider and any other health professional contributing to your care

What a Medical Record Does Not Contain

Your medical record does not contain the following information or documentation:

  • Birth Certificate. If you or your child was born at a Premier Health hospital, you'll need to request a copy of your birth certificate from the appropriate birth county’s office of vital statistics.
  • Imaging Films. Requests for X-ray, MRI, nuclear medicine or other films should be directed to the Medical Imaging Services Department.
  • Immunization Records. Requests for copies of immunization records should be directed to the clinic or the physician office where the service was performed.

Questions About Billing

Billing questions should be directed to Patient Financial Services at (937) 208-2777(937) 208-2777 or (855) 208-2777(855) 208-2777.