Rehabilitation After Stroke

If a stroke caused you to lose function, such as movements, speech or fine motor skills, Premier Health therapists can help you regain strength and relearn skills of daily living through our stroke rehabilitation program. We provide inpatient, outpatient and in-home rehabilitation care to help you recover.

Our therapists use advanced rehabilitation technology to provide compassionate care that helps maximize your quality of life.

Types of Rehabilitation Therapy

Your doctor will prescribe rehabilitation therapy for you depending on the specific loss of function caused by your stroke. Your rehab might include:

Some patients need rehabilitation services at home to help them recover. Our home health agency — Fidelity Health Care gives you the support you need to regain your independence.

Ekso Bionics® for Stroke Care

If you need to relearn or improve your balance and walking, the Ekso Bionics® robotic exoskeleton can help.

Available at Miami Valley Hospital’s Inpatient Rehabilitation Program, the Ekso is a wearable, battery-operated bionic device that helps you re-learn proper step patterns and weight shifts to improve function.

The Ekso exoskeleton:

  • Assists with 0 to 100 percent of the work to move your legs
  • Uses external motors to power the hip and knee joints
  • Helps you make a full, weight-bearing, reciprocal gait pattern

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