Pulmonary Rehabilitation

If you have breathing problems, including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), Premier Health’s Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program may improve your quality of life. Our program combines exercise, education, and breathing and relaxation techniques.

What You Can Expect

Our team of physicians, nurses, exercise physiologists, and respiratory therapists believe education is key to successful rehabilitation. We’ll work with you and your family throughout your rehabilitation to be certain you understand the reasons for rehabilitation and what you can expect from it. 

First, we’ll complete a thorough assessment of your condition to understand the cause of your pulmonary problems.

Next, your pulmonary team will work with you and your family to develop a treatment program that fits your individual needs. We’ll aim for slow and steady progress towards your goal. Your treatment program may include:

  • Chest infection awareness and control
  • Graded physical reconditioning to increase your ability to exercise
  • Medication and side effects
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Patient and family adaptation, communication and coping skills
  • Ways to conserve your energy
  • Proper use of inhalers and oxygen
  • Relaxation techniques to decrease stress and help you breathe correctly
  • Proper use and maintenance of respiratory therapy equipment
  • Techniques to control and relieve shortness of breath

While learning to safely transition to your treatment program, you may wish to participate in support groups or other activities specifically for those with pulmonary problems.  Ask your rehab team about programs located near you.

Contact Us

Our rehabilitation team is ready to help you get back to the things that matter most in your life. We offer locations close to you throughout Southwest Ohio, in our hospitals and in outpatient facilities. Call the number of the hospital near you to learn more about services in your area.