Rehabilitative Care

When you’re sick or injured, or if you become disabled, you may need help to learn how to cope, or to regain your ability to function normally. In the comfort of your home, our rehabilitative care specialists can help you get back on track.

Rehabilitation is often needed following amputation, bone and joint injuries, spinal cord injuries, stroke, and neurological problems, including traumatic brain injury. People with arthritis, cancer, cardiac disease, and other illnesses also benefit from rehabilitation.

Our services are provided by specially trained therapists who have met stringent education and licensing requirements to work in their field. These professionals work diligently with you and your caregiver, in close consultation with your physician, to ensure progress is being made during each therapy session. Our team includes:

We are eager to put our expertise and experience to work to help you regain your independence to the best of your ability.

How Can You Arrange For Therapy In Your Home?

Our therapists need a doctor’s order to come into the home. As a result, if you believe you would benefit from our therapy services, speak with your health care provider.

Contact Us

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