Building Community Spirit

Good Samaritan Hospital Helps a Neighborhood School Connect with the Community

building community support

A Moss
“Getting parents and the community into the building for after-school activities and programs is an important way to build stronger schools.” Angela P. Moss, Fairview PreK-8 Site Coordinator

Leaders at Dayton Public Schools, together with the Fitz Center at the University of Dayton (UD), were looking for non-profit partners to help increase community involvement at their new schools. During their search, a natural choice became apparent for the Fairview PreK-8 School on Elsmere Avenue. 

“We asked neighborhood leaders and parents, ‘Who do you turn to?’ and found that Good Samaritan Hospital has long been a highly-regarded supporter of the neighborhood,” reports Don Vermillion, director of public projects at the Fitz Center. “Good Sam is clearly a choice with which the neighbors are comfortable.” 

Good Samaritan Hospital stepped up, providing funding for a community room at Fairview PreK-8 and, since 2013, for a full-time site coordinator, who’s focused on connecting the community with the school. Today, thanks to the efforts of site coordinator Angie Moss, there’s quite a bit of community involvement at Fairview PreK-8. 

Bringing People Together 

Parents and other neighbors are able to participate in a variety of opportunities – programs, sporting events, dances, fitness classes, a “Shoes for Shoeless” effort, festivals, and more – right at Fairview PreK-8. “Schools used to be the beacon of the neighborhood, with parents coming here for games and other events, and that’s what’s happening again,” says Moss, with an enthusiasm that’s contagious. “Getting parents and the community into the building for after-school activities and programs is an important way to build stronger schools and more-likely-to-succeed students. Plus, our efforts let parents know which community resources are available to them.” 

“Our site coordinator at Fairview PreK-8 School is a bridge to the surrounding community, creating programs that draw neighbors into the school for everything from nutrition classes to neighborhood meetings in Fairview’s welcoming community room,” says Dayton Public Schools Superintendent Lori L. Ward. 

Working Collaboratively 

Working with Fairview PreK-8 Principal Saundra Collie, Moss says that she has great support and involvement from the faculty. UD provides assistance, as well, with three interns to help with the many details of the programs. 

The successful partnership between Good Samaritan Hospital and Dayton Public Schools is an offshoot of the Phoenix Project, a comprehensive plan to help enhance the neighbor-hoods surrounding the hospital. “We are grateful to Good Samaritan Hospital for these resources and their support,” says Ward.

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Content Updated: May 26, 2015

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