REMINDER: Atrium Medical Center’s Telephone Number Prefix is Changing

Premier Pulse     January 2018

Atrium Medical Center previously announced its plan to consolidate the hospital's two telephone prefixes to one common prefix for all phone numbers there, as the previous two prefixes of 420 and 705 often caused confusion for patients, visitors and employees.

All staff should now be using the 974 version of their phone numbers in all communications and dialing 974 when trying to reach an Atrium contact at the hospital. Fax numbers can now be updated to the 974 prefix as well.

Both the old (420 and 705) prefixes and the new (974) prefix phone numbers are currently working. An easy way to check if your phone number has changed is to call the number from an outside line using the new 974 prefix.

What are the benefits of having only one prefix?

  • The new direct inward dial (DID) system will have one prefix, 974, that will be exclusive to Atrium Medical Center. It will streamline our phone system, similar to Miami Valley Hospital’s hospital-wide 208 prefix and Good Samaritan Hospital’s (closed in 2018) 734 prefix.
  • The DID system will allow 100 percent direct dialing for all four-digit hospital phone numbers, including wireless phones, patient room phones and nursing stations.
  • The system will make it easier for patients, employees, physicians and the community to reach and/or call back hospital departments and staff.
  • The DID system will support new technologies and improve communications.

Will the four-digit extensions change?

The four-digit extensions will not change; the three-digit prefix will. For example, if your office or department phone number was 513-420-1234 or 513-705-1234, the new number will be 513-974-1234. The last four digits will remain the same.

Will the new 974 prefix have any effect on internal dialing?

The 974 prefix affects calls made from outside of the hospital inward. It will not change how we dial internally by four-digit extensions or how we contact other hospitals in the system using the 892 (system support), 894 (MVHS), 895 (AMC), 896 (MVH), 897 (GSH (closed in 2018)) and 899 (UVMC) internal prefixes.

When will the new prefix be effective?

The new 974 prefix is operational now, and we encourage everyone to begin using it to become comfortable with the new numbers. The 420 and 705 prefixes will continue to work for a limited period of time to allow for the transition to the 974 prefix.

Does this change include fax numbers?

Yes. If your fax number contains a 420 or 705 prefix AND you are connected to the hospital’s phone system, then your fax number will also change to the 974 prefix. Fax numbers can now be updated to 974 in communications, once you have tested your fax number to ensure it works properly. While the rollout of the new fax numbers was previously delayed, a solution has been found and the hospital’s fax numbers will be using the 974 prefix.

Lessons learned so far:

Only numbers connected to the hospital’s phone system are changing. Therefore, certain physician office phone and fax numbers and offsite hospital service phone and fax numbers are NOT changing to the 974 prefix, and not all office spaces in the Professional Building are changing to 974. For example, the foundation, pharmacy and wound care center numbers are changing. However, phone numbers of most physician offices in the Professional Building are not changing. If you’re not sure whether your numbers are affected, test them.

Watch for periodic reminders of this change to Atrium Medical Center’s phone numbers. If you have any questions, contact Julie Norris at x4797 or , or Chelsey Levingston at x5121 or

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