The Trick to Grocery Shopping

Jenny's Journey

So, grocery shopping is actually very easy. It's really all about geography! Shop on the perimeter, not in the middle!

I buy 80% of my groceries from the produce section. Fresh food is good-for-you food. I am vegetarian, so obviously I load up on veggies; fruits, too. And then I get my dairy, which is also on the perimeter. My dairy consists of eggs, milk, and cheese (always cheese, I love it!). 

When I venture into the middle of the store it is to get whole grains. Things like farrow, wheat berries, whole grain bread or beans and legumes - such as chickpeas, black or pinto beans - or nuts like almonds, peanuts, pecans, and walnuts. Make sure to always read your labels, too, as so many processed foods have added hidden sugar and calories in them!

Fresh food is good-for-you food.

I like to get bean-based chips or chia seed crackers, which have a higher protein content. I do not eat enough protein, so I'm always looking at ways to sneak in some extra servings.

If you simply follow the perimeter rule, your nutrition will instantly improve!

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