Meal Services Keep it Fast and Fresh

Jenny's Journey

Have you tried any of the meal delivery services? I have tried most of them, as I can be picky, and my husband and I now have a complicated system where we are signed up for five different meal services and rotate between them based on the weekly choices.  

Coordinating our meals is basically like being a scientist for NASA.

My biggest problem with these companies is the limited range of options they provide. Most plans have vegetarian options, but only a few will let you have a choice in which meals you receive.

In general, though, I like these services for many reasons:

  • They are fast and fresh
  • The food is healthy and has all the nutritional information you could need
  • I don't have to go to the grocery store, which I hate
  • It eliminates the guess work
  • For me, it is cost effective (When I usually go to the grocery store I will buy tons of stuff with big plans to turn myself into a chef, but that never happens and I waste a lot of food!)
  • I try recipes and ingredients I wouldn't normally cook for myself  

If you haven't tried it out, I would recommend it. Locally, there is even a Dayton version of Blue Apron called Kate's Plate you can check out.  Meal services are one good option to help you eat better and healthier!


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