How I'm Doing It: Keep Exercise Fun!

Jenny's Journey

I get a lot of questions about what specifically I have done to lose weight and get fit, so, I'm going to spend some time with a series of blog posts that does just that. This is the fourth in the series on exercise.

With all this talk about workout regimens, I forgot one of the most important pieces of advice - do exercise that doesn't feel like exercise! Make it fun! Get outside! Get your family and friends involved!

For me, that means hiking with my husband and dogs, kayaking, bike rides, trampoline jumping and anything I can figure out to do outside! The more fun you make it, the less it's going to feel like work! This is where that variety comes into play as well. If you hit the gym hard, 3-4 days a week and then do something fun (and preferably outside) the other days, it won't be so hard to get back to the gym the next time.

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