How Are You Doing It? Many of You Ask

Jenny's Journey

I get asked a lot about what changes I have made and how I have lost all this weight. It's really just been three main things- but done over and over and over again, day after day!

  1. Drink tons of water- A gallon per day at least. Minimize any other liquid intake.
  2. Eat healthier- To eat healthier, I initially started cutting back on snacks. Things like animal crackers, ice cream, chips, etc. Even though I've been a vegetarian my entire adult life, I was still eating too much processed food and not enough fresh food. That has entirely flipped around now. I also started logging all of my intake with MyFitnessPal. This for me has been invaluable; it keeps me accountable for every single thing I eat! I changed my eating habits throughout the day as well- I now eat more small meals instead of only one big meal at dinner. That includes eating breakfast, which I have never routinely done in my life! As time has gone on, my taste buds have changed. I no longer crave and have to have junk food! What I eat now for snacks are mainly fruits, dark chocolate, nuts, popcorn, and popsicles. I am much better at not binging and eating past the point of being full. My diet is much more healthy and balanced.
  3. Exercise- I exercise every single day. I've only missed two days since the beginning of this calendar year. Now, that doesn't mean I go out and do full speed cardio/high intensity everyday. I find what has helped me is variety. One day I will do the elliptical or the stairmaster, or a HIIT workout, or go hiking, or running. I mix these cardio workouts with weightlifting and yoga. I try to do at least a little yoga every single day, as it has been helping me immeasurably. If I want an easy day, I will go hiking or just do a long yoga session, and this gives me a good "rest day." The variety helps keep me from getting bored or fed up with my workouts, as well as ensuring good whole body exercise.

So that's it - and consistency really is the key.

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