Finding Your Balance – All Things in Moderation

Jenny's Journey

"Everything in moderation, including moderation" - Julia Child

One of the biggest worries I have in starting a regimented diet and exercise program is that I will lose the ability to let loose and enjoy myself. I find it hard to tolerate people who obsess over every calorie and who cancel or delay plans because they need to get in their workout.

I have a natural type A tendency to do things either 100% or not at all, so I am concerned I could take this journey too far and become rigid and inflexible.

This has, in fact, happened to me in the past. During college, I was gaining weight from too many burritos and nights out at the bars and I really wanted to lose weight and get back in shape. So, I started working out more than usual- 2 or 3 time a day in addition to walking miles per day around campus. I took my weight loss quest down a very dangerous path and also bought pills online containing ephedrine. This supplement has since been banned and has been linked in many people's deaths. While I was taking it, I was basically manic all the time and had severe palpitations and near fainting spells daily. My roommates and (future) husband had to do an intervention to get me to see I was putting myself in harms way. I stopped the pills and even though I gained the weight back, was healthier for getting off such a high-risk substance.

Now, I certainly would never do anything that dangerous again, but my point in sharing is that obesity can make people desperate and reckless.

My point in sharing is that obesity can make people desperate and reckless.

Most of us have gained and lost weight our entire adult lives and will try anything to lose it and keep it off. It takes time and the wisdom that comes with age to realize that there will never be a quick fix- altering your daily lifestyle for the long run is the only way to get and stay healthy.

So yes, eat healthy and exercise, but don't lose the joy of living- go out to eat once in a while, have a dessert if you really want it, skip a workout to spend extra time hanging out with your family. Balance is the key to really achieving that healthy lifestyle, and being healthy does not equal being deprived.

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