Can You Beat the Cravings?

Jenny's Journey

I think what has been so eye opening to me over these last few months is the fundamental change in the foods I WANT to eat. In the past, I would get these deep cravings and pangs for sugary bad foods, and I would binge eat them until I felt sick. It was a saddening pattern. 

I still keep a stash of junk food in my house - things like Caramello bars, graham crackers, ice cream and chips - so that if I really want them, they are there. However, I eat them less and less. And when I do eat them, I eat a single serving size or less.

I do love a good bourbon cocktail, so I will splurge to drink one or two of these every couple weeks. Nowadays though, my snacks are cheese, fruit, nuts, popsicles and popcorn. Fruit has become my go to when I want a sugary snack food. I also have started to eat a small piece (usually 50-100 calories) of dark chocolate everyday, which I always hated and thought was too bitter. 

I am getting used to not eating sugar all the time!!! My body wants and craves good food not junk and what a hugely, amazing realization that is!!!

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