Are You Missing Out?

Jenny's Journey

What haven't you been able to do in life because of your weight? How is it holding you back?

These are a few of the areas that have affected me the most personally:

My husband and I love to travel when we can. So far, we have only traveled within North America. One of the reasons for this, besides my fur babies of course, is that I hate to fly. Not because I am afraid of the flying itself, but because there is little I fear more in life than airplane seats. There is nothing more intimidating or soul crushing than getting on a plane as an obese person. You can feel people silently praying you are not going to sit next to them. I do not want to subject a poor stranger to being crammed next to me for hours and hours while I struggle to make myself as small as possible. I am grateful I have not needed the seat belt extender- I will sit with that seat belt as tight as possible to avoid that particular humiliation.

Theme parks 
When is the last time I rode a roller coaster? I couldn't tell you because there is no way I'm going to try and get on a ride and be told I am too fat to enjoy it.

Wearing whatever I want 
I love clothes. Love them. It's really bad guys, for real. I am lucky that in this day in age there are so many more plus size clothing options. At the same time, I have not been able to buy and wear many beautiful clothes because they are just not made in my size. There is nothing worse than going out to buy a specific piece of clothing and buying something you don't even like because it is the only thing that fits.

Lastly, and hardest for me to talk about, is having children. This is obviously a very personal topic, and it is extremely difficult for me to even admit to others. When I became obese, my weight was a decision factor in not having biological children. It was certainly only one reason of many, but it helped to cement the choice in my mind. Being in the medical field and having taken care of pregnant mothers and delivered babies, the risks of an obese pregnancy were not ones I was willing to take on for myself. Alongside that issue, I had always dreamed of adopting children. To give an unwanted child a home is a very special and life changing gift. Again, my weight and my husband's weight have played into the decision to put off adoption. I feel that for me, personally, I cannot be a great parent until I am healthy myself and can be a good role model to my child.

So, I ask you - what haven't you been able to do in life because of your weight?

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