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Frequently Asked Questions: Weight Loss Surgery

Find answers to common questions about weight loss surgery.

How will my life change after weight loss surgery?

After weight loss surgery, also known as bariatric surgery, you’ll start losing more weight. This process depends on many factors and takes up to one to two years for most people. Depending on the type of weight loss surgery you have, you can return to work within a timeframe of a few weeks. 

Less Weight, More Life!

You should be up and walking right away. Moving around and following your diet will help you feel better quickly. It’s important that you attend your weight loss support group and stay focused in the weeks before you return to work, so you can establish good habits to rely on for the months ahead. Your weight loss support group will be invaluable when it comes to helping you to stay disciplined and committed to losing the weight. 

As the weight comes off, you’ll have more energy. Some of your health problems may start to lessen or even disappear completely. You’ll find that old clothes no longer fit. Eventually, you’ll be able to get about in public and enjoy life in ways that once seemed impossible. These positive changes are the beginning of the new life you’ve been waiting for. With discipline and the help of your weight loss support group, you should be able to settle into your active new life. 

The physicians and their support team at the Miami Valley Hospital Weight Loss Surgery Center firmly believe that successful weight loss surgery depends on your motivation and commitment.

What can I eat after surgery?

Soon after surgery, you will begin on liquids as tolerated. Sip fluids frequently and include daily high protein liquid supplements. After two weeks (or earlier per your surgeon), you may include soft foods as tolerated. After four or five weeks, you may begin regular foods (low sugar, low fat) as tolerated. Smaller portions, healthy food choices and exercise/activity will help you to be successful. It is important to take small bites, eat slowly, and chew foods well. Red meats and fresh (or doughy) breads may cause discomfort. The dietitian will provide an overview of your post-op (after surgery) nutrition guidelines during your initial nutrition evaluation. In addition, a nutrition class will be held before your surgery to provide thorough information.

How can I prevent weight regain, especially long term?

Permanent weight loss requires a long-term commitment to making healthy lifestyle choices. Patients who regress back into their old eating habits and inactivity are at high risk for regaining their lost weight. Bariatric surgery is the most effective method for losing weight and keeping it off. However, bariatric surgery alone does not guarantee weight loss success, especially as time passes from your surgery date. Our dietitians will guide and support you before surgery, during the recovery phase, and long term for weight loss maintenance. However, you are the most important person in determining how successful you will be!

Will my insurance cover weight loss surgery?

You’ll need to work closely with your surgeon’s office to find out if your medical insurance covers all or part of your weight loss surgery. You will be responsible for costs not covered by your insurance. Your bariatric surgeon’s office will provide more details after insurance benefits are verified and what is required to get bariatric surgery approved.

If they do cover the surgery, your surgeon’s office will get a predetermination from your insurance company and let you know how much insurance will pay in your specific case and how much you will be responsible for.

If your insurance excludes the procedure, then the surgeon’s office can give you more information if an appeal is an option. If you are unable to appeal due to an exclusion, you may have to consider paying for the surgery yourself. Ask about our self-pay option.

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Content Updated: October 24, 2018

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