Why Premier Health

It can sometimes be easy to take the simple act of breathing for granted. But if you have respiratory problems, you know that the ability to breathe freely is essential to your quality of life. Our respiratory therapists work together to improve your breathing with the right treatment at the right time. Whether you need immediate critical care or help managing your condition yourself, Premier Health’s pulmonary and respiratory care team provides the care you need to help you breathe more freely and live your life to the full.

Advanced Technology To Help You Breathe

Pulmonary and respiratory care technology is continually improving. As new treatment methods and medications are developed, we bring these advanced technologies to you to help you breathe more freely and improve your quality of life.

Advances you’ll find in our facilities include:

  • Modern mechanical ventilators and innovative approaches to ventilator management
  • Advanced medication delivery devices
  • Airway clearance devices featuring high-frequency chest-wall-oscillation or vest therapy
  • Non-invasive ventilators including bi-level and CPAP machines

Pulmonary And Respiratory Care That’s Close To Home

You won’t have to drive far for Premier Health’s pulmonary rehabilitation and respiratory care services. We’re conveniently located around Southwest Ohio, so it’s easy for you to get the care you need. Find all the details about our locations.

Nationally Recognized Care

Our critical care programs support you with nationally recognized pulmonary management. Our respiratory therapists have disease management certifications and help educate and treat you to improve your breathing and enable you to manage your condition at home.

Pulmonary management at Miami Valley Hospital has been recognized by U.S. News & World Report for the high quality, comprehensive services provided by our highly trained respiratory team.

Atrium Medical Center has repeatedly earned a Healthgrades Critical Care Excellence Award™ for “Superior clinical outcomes in treating pulmonary embolism, respiratory system failure, sepsis, and diabetic emergencies.”

Collaborative Teams of Physicians and Respiratory Therapists

Physiciansand expert respiratory therapists work together at our respiratory care centers to provide you with the right treatment at the right time. Some of our respiratory therapists are also registered pulmonary function technologists.

Contact Us

We are here to help. Please call us to learn more about our pulmonary and respiratory care services.

Atrium Medical Center
Respiratory Care Services: (513) 974-5226(513) 974-5226
Pulmonary Function Testing (513) 974-6424 (513) 974-6424
To learn about stopping smoking: (877) 684-4584(877) 684-4584(877) 684-4584 (877) 684-4584
To speak to a pulmonary rehabilitation respiratory therapist: (513) 974-5258(513) 974-5258

Miami Valley Hospital
Pulmonary and Respiratory Care: (937) 208-2609(937) 208-2609
To speak to a pulmonary rehabilitation respiratory therapist: (937) 208-3617(937) 208-3617
To learn about stopping smoking: (877) 684-4584

Upper Valley Medical Center
Pulmonary and Respiratory Care: (937) 440-4740(937) 440-4740
To speak to a pulmonary rehabilitation respiratory therapist: (937) 440-4675(937) 440-4675
To learn about stopping smoking: (877) 684-4584

Fidelity Health Care
Pulmonary and Respiratory Care: (937) 208-6400(937) 208-6400