Education and Support

It’s important to understand your respiratory condition and medications and stay up to date with the latest respiratory health information. The resources discussed here provide education and support that will help you stay informed and better manage your breathing problems.

Patient Education

Premier Health pulmonary and respiratory care providers know that you will get the best results from your treatment when you are informed and actively involved in your own recovery. We are dedicated to providing clear instruction and answering all your questions, so you can feel confident and prepared to care for yourself in the comfort of your own home. Once you’re home, we will:

  • Help you with tips on managing your condition at home, such as how to get secretions out and expand your lungs
  • Provide counseling, including smoking cessation counseling, if needed
  • Schedule follow-up visits
  • Fill prescriptions

Stop Smoking Program

Are you ready to quit smoking? We can help you stop for good! Our program, offered at Miami Valley Hospital, features a certified tobacco treatment specialist providing support and counseling to help you quit. The program is one hour a week for five weeks.

You’ll learn about:

  • Making a quit plan
  • Choosing a method to quit
  • Practicing stress management techniques
  • Dealing with cravings or weight gain while quitting
  • Symptoms for recovery

Anyone in the community can take advantage of the program. Find a class that fits your schedule.

Outpatient Nutrition Counseling

The food you eat significantly influences your health and well-being. A diet of nutritious food can help you manage and live with a chronic disease. To help you develop a diet designed to support treatment of your medical condition, Premier Health offers outpatient nutrition counseling and diet education.

With a referral from your health care provider, you can schedule your appointment with a Premier Health licensed registered dietitian. Many insurance plans cover nutrition counseling, also referred to as medical nutrition therapy.


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We are here to help. Please call us to learn more about our pulmonary and respiratory care services.

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