Premier Pulse

Volume 10, Issue 7 – July 2023

A Mile in Their Shoes

1134192644By Andre Harris, MD, chief medical officer, Miami Valley Hospital

Empathy is a powerful human trait that enables us to understand and share the feelings of others. It is the ability to put ourselves in someone else's shoes, to perceive their experiences, and to respond with compassion and care. Read more.

New Premier Health COO and Miami Valley Hospital President

Please join us in welcoming Chad Whelan, MD, to Premier Health. Read more.

Orthopedic Service Line Optimizing Patient Experience

By Kelli Ashbeck, director of surgical services and orthopedics, Premier Health

Efforts are ongoing to optimize the experience for patients needing total hip and knee replacement surgery. Convenient and quick access to orthopedic services is essential for patients. Read more.

Clinical Spotlight: Hasan Chaudhry, MD

Dr. Chaudhry considers getting a pet cat because of their calm personality. Read more.

Premier Health Brand Survey

As Premier Health continues to navigate the health care industry amidst new challenges and an ever-changing landscape, it’s important to understand the evolution of perspectives and preferences to establish brand differentiation and leadership. Read more

System News

CareFlight Anniversary, Foundation Scholarships, HEAL Program. Read more.

Editorial Board: Dr. Roberto Colón, Dr. Andre Harris, Dr. Scott Kanagy, Dr. Lakmali Ranathunga  

Chief Marketing and Communications Officer: Kathy Harper

Director, System Communications: Ben Sutherly

Editor: Richard Hairston