CompuNet Enhances Toxicology Testing Menu

Premier Pulse     July 2023

CompuNet Clinical Laboratories recently made significant updates to its toxicology menu. The enhancements aim to offer a more comprehensive range of tests and provide quicker results for health care professionals and their patients. Effective June 5, 2023, the updated menu will include two important tests as presumptive (screen) testing, previously only available as definitive (confirmation) testing.

One testing update includes presumptive testing for the 6-AM Metabolite (Heroin Metabolite) test. With a 10 ng/Ml cutoff, this test is highly sensitive and capable of detecting the presence of heroin in a patient's urine. By including this test in our toxicology menu, CompuNet  enables health care providers to obtain faster results, helping them make timely and informed decisions regarding patient care.

The second test that has been updated is the Hydrocodone test. With a cutoff of 100 ng/mL, this test allows for detecting hydrocodone, a commonly prescribed opioid medication. By making this test available as presumptive testing, CompuNet provides health care providers with a valuable tool for initial screening and monitoring of prescribed hydrocodone.

The 6-AM Metabolite and Hydrocodone tests can now be ordered a la carte, allowing health care professionals to select the specific tests they require for their patients. Additionally, these tests are included in select drug monitoring panels, providing a comprehensive approach to toxicology testing.

CompuNet is dedicated to staying at the forefront of laboratory medicine. With these testing updates to the toxicology menu, the laboratory empowers health care professionals with valuable tools for making informed decisions about patient care. Providers now have more access to cutting-edge testing solutions and more opportunities to deliver their patients the highest standard of care.

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