Movement Disorders Center

Welcome to the Clinical Neuroscience Institute’s Movement Disorders Center

The skilled providers at the Clinical Neuroscience Institute’s Movement Disorders Center are specially trained in the diagnosis and treatment of movement disorders. Our experienced specialists are highly-trained in movement disorders treatment, and work to create a care plan to fit your individual needs. 

Learn more about movement disorders symptoms and the conditions we treat, including Parkinson's disease, essential tremors, Huntington’s disease, Dystonia, gait disorders, tics and Tourette’s, spasticity, and  ataxia. Find out about the wide spectrum of treatment options offered at the CNSI Movement Disorders Center, and read about our provider team. Find answers to your frequently asked questions, and learn more about scheduling your visit.

Our specialists use a multidisciplinary team approach to meet your needs, and we remain engaged in movement disorder research and clinical trials and offer advanced treatment resources such as medications tailored to meet individual needs, deep brain stimulation & programming, MR-guided focused ultrasound to treat tremors without incisions, comprehensive neurocognitive testing including brain mapping, baclofen pump evaluations, implants, programming and refills, botulinum toxin injections, comprehensive nursing care, physical therapy, occupations therapy, speech therapy and Parkinson's “Big and Loud” therapy. 

At the CNSI Movement Disorders Center, we are dedicated to the work of alleviating your symptoms, and helping you do more of the things you enjoy.

Detection and Prevention

Our multidisciplinary team of trained specialists and experienced providers is dedicated to the high-quality, comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of movement disorders. Learn more.


Find answers to CNSI Movement Disorders Center frequently asked questions. Learn more.

How to Reach Us 

We make it easy for you to find care at the Clinical Neuroscience Institute’s Movement Disorders Center. Learn more.

Our Team

Meet our team at the Clinical Neuroscience Institute’s Movement Disorders Center.

Our Physicians

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