Infusion Therapy For Migraine Pain

When migraine or cluster headache pain disrupts your life – and your medications don’t control it – other treatments, such as outpatient migraine infusion therapy, could be the answer.

With a referral from your physician, the Clinical Neuroscience Institute (CNSI) Headache Center can evaluate you and, based on your diagnosis, tailor a treatment plan especially for you and your headaches.

This could include treatment in the CNSI Headache Center’s migraine infusion therapy suite at Miami Valley Hospital South.

A Comforting Approach To Migraine Relief

Because migraine infusion therapy directly delivers medications into your bloodstream, the medications can relieve your headache pain faster and more effectively than oral medications. The Center’s headache specialists prescribe infusion therapy medications to treat your specific condition.

The dedicated migraine infusion therapy suite at the Headache Center offers comfortable, quiet, private rooms for receiving IV infusion of medications prescribed and administered by the Center’s clinical team.

A comfortable alternative to emergency room care, infusion therapy is prescribed to treat acute episodic and chronic migraines attacks, cluster headache attacks, and as a preventive measure, to decrease headache frequency and intensity.

Outpatient infusion therapy at the Headache Center is prescribed for patients who require more intensive therapy than can be provided at home or in the office for:

  • Migraine headaches that last more than 72 hours and do not respond to conventional medications
  • Acute migraine attacks that last less than 72 hours, yet are debilitating and do not respond to conventional home medications
  • Medication overuse headaches, or rebound headaches, that can be detoxed safely, such as from triptans and over-the-counter medications

Your Care At the Infusion Suite

The Headache Center team strives to make patients’ experience at the infusion suite as comfortable as possible with:

  • Private rooms
  • Reclining lounge chairs
  • Lights that dim
  • Sessions monitored by our clinical team, who answer your questions and see to your needs (like a blanket)
  • A chair for a friend or family member to stay with you (the Headache Center also has a waiting room)

After your IV is started, you may relax however you wish – nap, watch TV, or bring a laptop, tablet, book, magazine, or calming music (with earbuds or headphones).

The length of infusion therapy sessions varies (up to a few hours), depending on the infusion medication(s) you’ve been prescribed. In some cases, you may need multiple sessions, up to three days in a row, to stop a migraine attack.

And once you become a Headache Center patient, you may call the infusion therapy nurse to schedule a session when you have a new migraine attack.