Spine and Back Center

Welcome to the Clinical Neuroscience Institute's Spine and Back Center

The specialists and providers at the Clinical Neuroscience Institute (CNSI) Spine and Back Center are experienced and skilled in the diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of spine and back conditions.

Bones and tissues of the spine can become worn over time, or damaged by injury or disease. Whether its arthritis, chronic back pain, scoliosis and kyphosis, a herniated disc, or a spinal fracture, our board-certified physicians are committed to swift and accurate diagnosis and comprehensive treatment. Our specialists and providers are available to treat arachnoid cysts, chiari malformation, and spinal stenosis. We offer care for spinal vascular malformation, spondylolisthesis and spondylosis and tumors.

Our experienced and professional team of highly-qualified specialists and providers are educated and trained in neurocritical care, neurointervention, neurosurgery, and spine surgery. They bring a collective commitment to patient care at the Spine and Back Center, putting their patients’ well-being first and working together toward the best outcomes.

Find answers to frequently asked questions about spine and back conditions, as well as information about how to reach us. At the CNSI Spine and Back Center, our goal is providing you with personal, comprehensive care and helping you enjoy a healthy, active life.

Detection and Prevention

At the CNSI Spine and Back Center, our skilled, board-certified physicians and professional staff are specially trained in the diagnosis and treatment of spine and back conditions. Our integrated, multidisciplinary approach to care is in place in an effort to provide our patients with the comprehensive treatment they need to manage their individual condition. Learn more.


Find answers to CNSI Spine and Back Center frequently asked questions. Learn more.

How to Reach Us 

We make it easy for you to find care at the Clinical Neuroscience Institute’s Spine and Back Center. Learn more.

Our Team

Meet our team at the Clinical Neuroscience Institute Spine and Back Center.

Our Physicians

Sujit Bhimireddy, MD
Sujit Bhimireddy, MD Accepting New Patients
Specialty: Neurosurgery
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Chauncy L. Eakins, MD
Chauncy L. Eakins, MD Accepting New Patients
Daniel Gaudin, MD
Daniel Gaudin, MD Accepting New Patients
Neal D. Mehan, MD
Neal D. Mehan, MD Accepting New Patients