Mothers Empowered Supports Dayton-Area Moms-to-Be

Women's Health Update

Women in the Miami Valley region who want to try an innovated model of care that centers on support and education, can now find that care through Lifestages Centers for Women (Lifestages).

The Mothers Empowered program is a collaboration between the Good Samaritan Hospital Foundation - Dayton, Lifestages Centers for Women, and Catholic Social Services of the Miami Valley’s ParentLink group. 

Mothers Empowered provides comprehensive prenatal health care and postpartum health care and education to help new mothers and their significant others develop strong families.

Since it began, the program has been at the a Lifestages office. 

The program originally was only available for women 23 and younger. 

As of August, Mothers Empowered now serves women of all ages to provide diverse groups in which younger and older mothers can learn from each other. The office also expanded to include a second location at Lifestages Miami Valley Hospital North in Englewood. 

The program follows a national model of care called Centering Pregnancy®. The model is governed by The Centering Healthcare Institute, which certified the local program in 2012.

Mothers Empowered began in response to a rise in teen pregnancy in the Dayton region. It is the only program of its kind in the area and has helped more than 300 women since it started.

The goals of the program are to:

  • Improve access to health services
  • Improve access to perinatal care
  • Meet social and emotional health needs of pregnant women and their families
  • Reduce preterm births
  • Reduce the infant mortality rate

Arranged in groups of eight to 12, the women meet together both prenatally and postnatally. The group time is spent in a circle with an advanced practice provider who facilitates group discussion about topics including nutrition, pain management during birth, and postpartum depression

A Catholic Social Services Social Worker and a Family Life Coach are also available to help the women with question or concerns not discussed by the medical professionals.

The program provides access to community resources and support, ensures each woman has more time with their health care provider and empowerment to participate as an active partner in their own health care.

It also provides women with: 

  • Assessments of individual needs
  • Both group-based and home-based parenting education
  • Career development support
  • Educational support to complete schooling, including high school and post-secondary training
  • Referral to a local network of assistance services
  • Support and advocacy to help women be nurturing, knowledgeable, and empathic parents

In addition to the group sessions, each woman has an individual check-up with her provider, which will include checking her blood pressure and weight, measuring the growth of her uterus, and answering any personal questions she might have.

In total, each personal and group session of the program will last about 90 minutes.

Mothers Empowered give women skills they need to prepare to care for their baby, be more prepared for birth, and learn more about pregnancy.

Learn More

To learn more about ParentLink parenting services call Jackie at (937) 223-7217, ext. 2125.

For more information about Mothers Empowered, call Lifestages Centers for Women at (937) 277-8988. Ask for one of the Mothers Empowered coordinators – Lorrie L. at ext. 4114 or Michelle A. at ext. 4210.