Midwives Helpful Through Pregnancy, Other Care Throughout Life

Women's Health Update

Many women think of midwives as a care option during pregnancy, but a midwife can offer a variety of care throughout a woman’s life.

Midwives are college-educated professionals who are licensed to practice midwifery in the state in which they live, according to the American College of Nurse MidwivesOff Site Icon (ACNM). Some midwives have additional certification as nurse-midwives, which allows them to provide a wider variety of healthcare services than other midwives.

Midwives help more than 300,000 women in the U.S. give birth every year, according to the ACNM. Most of those births are in hospitals, while some are in other birthing centers or at home. 

Midwives specialize in providing support, regular healthcare and helping to get additional care that you might need by knowing the difference between normal changes during pregnancy and issues that need more attention, according to the ACNM.

Midwives work with obstetrics and gynecology physicians to make sure that a specialist is available if a high-risk situation occurred during pregnancy, labor or delivery, according to the ACNM.

While many women turn to midwives for care during pregnancy and childbirth, midwives also provide a variety of other care for women, according to the ACNM, including:

If you are thinking about becoming pregnant, a midwife is one of the options to consider for your healthcare and birth.

For more information about midwives, talk with your doctor or find a physician.