CenteringPregnancy Provides Group Approach for Pregnant Young Women

Women's Health Update

Lifestages Centers for Women, offers a service to young pregnant women that is unique in the Miami Valley. 

The practice offers the only certified CenteringPregnancy group in Dayton. 

CenteringPregnancy is a group approach to prenatal care for young expectant mothers up to age 23. The group currently meets at the Drew Health Center, 1323 West Third St., Dayton, and at Miami Valley Hospital North , 9000 N. Main St., Suite 234, Englewood.

Young women and their babies are at higher risk of having complications, so the group is designed to help the mothers-to-be better understand and prepare for prenatal health, birth, and infant care.

Through CenteringPregnancy, each woman receives full prenatal care, which includes health assessments, education and support. 

Groups are made up of eight to 12 women who have similar due dates so they can benefit from having shared experiences with other women their age.

CenteringPregnancy’s group setting provides participants with an opportunity to build friendships and an additional support system as they face pressures, including financial, health, personal, and social challenges. 

Women in the group will have one-on-one visits with their healthcare provider, and they will learn how to:

  • Set personal goals
  • Take their own blood pressure
  • Weigh themselves

As a group, the women and a healthcare provider review health topics, including pregnancy, birth, and caring for their infants. The women learn skills for better stress management and better overall health.

The practice partnered with the Catholic Social Services’ program ParentLink to connect women younger than 23 with resources throughout the community that can help them gain skills for their baby, themselves and their whole family.

This partnership helps the women transition from pregnancy into motherhood after the CenteringPregnancy group. Through ParentLink, new mothers and fathers keep meeting together after their babies are born to stay connected and to build their support network while they learn parenting skills.

Lifestages has six convenient office locations throughout the Miami Valley, with office hours from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm weekdays.

For more information about CenteringPregnancy, to learn more about Lifestages, or to schedule an appointment, call (937) 277-8988.