When painful joints, bones or muscles interrupt your life, Premier Health’s team of orthopedic specialists is ready to help. Our goal is to get you back to the activities you enjoy with minimal disruption.

Whenever possible, we’ll explore non-surgical treatment for your pain, including physical therapy, stem cell therapy, platelet rich plasma injections, and medications.

When surgery is needed, we’ll aim for the fastest recovery by using minimally invasive procedures whenever possible.

If joint replacement is your best option, you can count on our experienced team of specialists to prepare you and your caregivers, from pre-surgery preparation through post-surgery rehabilitation. We offer robotic-arm assisted knee and hip replacement procedures, using ROSA® Knee and Mako SmartRobotics™, so your surgeon can create a customized plan based on your unique anatomy for a more predictable, precise surgery.

We have the knowledge, technology, and tools to treat your injury, reduce pain, restore movement, and get you back to the life you love.

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Orthopedic Spine Services

Mar 8, 2019, 16:54 PM
Service Name : Orthopedic Spine Services
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