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Reach for More: Screenings for Men and Women

Our comprehensive diagnostic and imaging services help your health care providers diagnose health problems and keep you healthy. We’re also here to help you reach for more by focusing on prevention. Partnering with your health care provider to stay current with recommended screenings, especially for cancer, is an important way to reach your best health.

Safe Imaging for Pregnant Patients

The health and well-being of expectant mothers is our priority. Our procedures for pregnant patients are structured to provide safe, comprehensive imaging while supporting the health of mothers and their babies. We hope the following information helps guide you in your decision-making and comfort regarding medical imaging tests.

What medical imaging tests use radiation?

A plain X-ray is a medical imaging test that uses radiation to make pictures of your body, such as your chest. A computed tomography (CT) scan is another type of test that uses radiation to make pictures of your body. Radiation can’t be seen; it’s invisible.

Do all imaging tests use the same amount of radiation?

No. There are many types of imaging tests, and each uses different amounts of radiation. Plain X-rays use very small amounts of radiation. CT scans use more radiation, depending on the type of CT scan. 

Talk to your doctor or a radiation physicist if you are worried about your baby having any health problems from the radiation used in an imaging test.

Safety steps that will be taken during your medical imaging test

  • The technologist will place a lead shield over your belly to help block radiation to the area and reduce radiation exposure.
  • Other steps include having an ultrasound or MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) test. Ultrasound and MRIs are imaging tests that don’t use radiation. These other types of imaging tests are used when possible, but sometimes an imaging test using radiation is a better treatment option.

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