3-D Mammography FAQs

What Is 3-D Mammography?

A three-dimensional (3-D) mammogram (also called tomosynthesis) is an advanced form of mammography that takes multiple images of your breast from several angles to form a 3-D image. Viewing multiple images helps radiologists better visualize fine details within breast tissue for better detection of breast cancer at its earliest stage.

What Should I Expect During a 3-D Mammogram?

There’s very little difference between having a 3-D mammogram and a 2-D mammogram. Both use the same amount of breast compression, and both require you to hold your breath for a short period of time. The 3-D mammogram may take a few extra seconds to complete, and the machine moves over the breast during the exam.

Is There More Radiation With a 3-D Mammogram?

While there’s an increase in radiation dose with 3-D mammography as compared to traditional, 2-D mammography, it’s below the limit under the Mammography Quality Standards Act set forth by the Food and Drug Administration.

What Are the Benefits Of 3-D Mammography?

Research has shown that Genius™ 3-D Mammography™ can increase the detection of breast cancer by allowing radiologists to better see the different structures as well as the location, size, and shape of abnormal breast tissue. Studies also show a reduction in call backs for additional images.

Who Can Have A 3-D Mammogram?

3-D mammography is approved for all women undergoing either a screening or a diagnostic mammogram. Please note there are a few physical conditions that prevent us from using the 3-D technology on all patients. This will be determined by the technologist upon discussion with you.

Is There an Additional Cost For 3-D Mammography, And Will My Insurance Cover the Additional Charge?

The amount you owe depends on your insurance plan benefits. Please consult with your insurance company to clarify coverage prior to scheduling your mammogram. Remember to specify whether it’s a screening or diagnostic mammogram.

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