Vascular Surgery

Premier Health opened the region’s first endovascular suite dedicated to vascular surgery at Miami Valley Hospital. Premier Health’s vascular surgical specialists also perform procedures at Atrium Medical Center.

Common Vascular Surgery Treatments

Common vascular procedures performed at Atrium Medical Center and Miami Valley Hospital include:

A Revolutionary Technology For Treating Peripheral Artery Disease

Ocelot, an advanced minimally invasive technology for treating Peripheral arterial disease (PAD), was first brought to Southwest Ohio by Premier Health.

Aptly named for the cat that possesses excellent night vision, Ocelot utilizes a revolutionary approach, called lumivascular (lumi = light, vascular = artery). Ocelot incorporates an imaging fiber on the end of a catheter, which acts as a camera to allow physicians to see inside an artery.

The Ocelot technology enables physicians to more accurately navigate through complicated blood vessels, drill through blockages, and restore blood flow.

Click play to watch an animated video and see the Ocelot in action.

PAD is an under-recognized, common circulatory problem that affects 8 to 12 million adults in the United States. PAD is caused by a build-up of plaque in the arteries that blocks blood flow to the legs and feet. If you develop PAD, you may notice hip, leg, or calf pain when walking. The pain typically stops with rest. Some people, however, may be symptom-free until the disease has progressed to the point of causing irreversible damage to the affected limb. 

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Every moment of your life depends on a strong, healthy heart. The Premier Health cardiology and vascular services team is here to help you, each beat of the way, with prevention, diagnostic, treatment, and rehabilitation services in our hospitals, outpatient centers, and medical offices across Southwest Ohio.